If you could do it by yourself, you’d have done it by now, right?

That question rings true for so many, in so many situations.  Everyone needs a little help here and there.  Foundation Fitness Behavioral Coaching gives that help, but in the end, we actually find that you can do it yourself!

I will be your guide, the one driving the bus that will lead you to where you want to go.  The tour will not only take you through your physical development, but also your emotional development as well.  Let me explain…

Achievement in any realm begins with accepting a “Can Do” principle, which in essence means all that is necessary to achieve anything is a willingness to do what is needed to get what you want.  In short, “YOU CAN DO IT!” This principle applies to everyone.  And that willingness is within everyone as well, it just gets covered up sometimes with the daily grind (or yearly grind for some people). 

You ABSOLUTELY CAN do what is necessary; you have the tools, you have the physicality, but you lack the mindfulness and the focus to do what is required to achieve that particular goal you strive for.  That’s where Behavioral Coaching comes in.

I will give you the “push” that is needed when your normal reactions tell you to stop.  I will explain the simplicity of that which you have yet to be able to comprehend, like why can’t I stick with a diet?  Or why that which begins with such excitement on January 1st, dies down so fast by February 1st.   Or, like so many, why do I get so anxious and stressed in so many situations that don’t call for it?  I will be your outsider’s perspective, one that gives clarity and pulls the curtain back whenever needed.

If you could do it by yourself, you’d have done it by now, right?