I am here to get more movement in people’s lives, and to do it with productivity and safety in mind.  There are too many people that lead sedentary lives.  They are unhealthy, unproductive and incapable of living life to its fullest.  That's just wrong! 

If you are active, have a fitness program and move throughout the day already, WELL THEN GREAT!!!  What are some movements that limit you?  I can help with those.

If you sit at a desk all day only to come home to your favorite chair at night, WELL THEN GREAT!!!  I don’t have to strain real hard to see where I can help with these people.

Regardless of your situation, proper movement that enhances your daily activity is what I strive for in your life.  I believe that better movement leads to a better life, a more fulfilled life, and one that benefits you as well as others.  

My expertise is in injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Movement is paramount for both of these, and it is why I am on a mission, developing this MOVEMENT OF MOVEMENT, to see that all people within my reach take advantage of this natural cure-all.