Thursday, 100115

Beginning Monday, October 5th, we will be offering an organized class starting at 12:00 noon.  Classes will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This will be an opportunity to learn new movements, experience a "classic" CrossFit structured class setting, and enjoy camaraderie with fellow class members... pain and suffering in a group is much better than by yourself!  You are welcome to bring friends to try the class out as well.  It is not a beginners class, but of course, everything is scalable.  All facets of CrossFit will be on display, and the classes will be a perfect way to introduce someone new to the program.  During class times, open gym is not allowed, and on those days the last non-class participant workout can start no later than 11:45am.  We will open back up at 4:00 for open gym as usual.