Thursday, 100815

Our reactions to our stress is the only way that any stressor is allowed to affect our mind and body.  Please allow me to explain...
Stressors create "stress" in us, obviously, and that can manifest in both mental and physical manners.  Usually it is a negative mental reaction that then leads to a physical response.  And usually, these responses are unpleasant and unhealthy.  So what can be done about them?  First, let's use a comparison of sorts.  Think of stressors in your life as if they were weeds in your yard.  The easiest, quickest solution to a weed is to simply run it over with a lawnmower.  Voila! No more weed, at least until it grows back.  Well that's not a very good solution because you'll have to keep cutting it back over and over.  So how about just digging it out all together?  That way, you'll never have to worry about that weed again.  This is certainly a viable solution to a recurring problem, and one that is finite in its measure.  No more weed.  Well, no more of THAT weed.  There are some others, however, that have popped up around the yard as well.  
You can just as easily dig all them out too, but maybe there is a better solution to the larger, weed-filled problem.  And that is at the beginning of the season, fertilize the yard properly and there will be no weeds to deal with in the first place. 
The tie in to our stressors and the stress they cause in us is that we can deal with particular issues in different manners, and all of them will have some degree of success.  But if we truly want to rid ourselves of the problem, go back to the "root" cause and make the change there.  Only then will everything that springs out of that source be completely changed or removed.  The trick is finding the root.  Good luck!