Wednesday, 070115


DB Front Squats 

Box Jumps

Mtn. Climbers


Today, MBCF hours of operation are 6a-12p, 3p-7p.  We will be closed tomorrow through Sunday.


Homework Assignments to be completed by Monday, 7/6/15, at 6am...

1) Burpees every minute on the minute...

Perform 1 burpee the first minute, 2 the 2nd minute, 3 the 3rd, etc. until you can't complete the correlating burpee count with the minute.

2) Run 1 mile in intervals of 30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off (complete stop)

3) Everyday do:

30 Sit-ups, 50 Push-ups, 100 Squats

4) 5 Rounds:

25' Bear crawl

25' Lunges

25' Broad jumps

8 Lateral jumps over a stack of books 12" high