Mobility is the Key to Proper Movement

Mobility and movement seem to be the same thing, right?  Perhaps, but in this narrative they will be treated as follows: Mobility is the “ability” a joint has, where Movement is the actual process of your joints doing work.  Get it?  Good!

Let me start with an example that might give a bit more clarity.  If I have a lack of mobility in my hip, then squatting down might be difficult.  So we can see that mobility refers to the capability of a joint, while movement involves an action.

On this premise, we can deduce that improving mobility in our joints creates better movement patterns.  If we have better movement patterns, we will be less prone to injury.  If we are less prone to injury, life is good.

My aim is to help you move better (get you to that “life is good” point).  This might require stretching and mobility exercises.  It might entail strengthening a weakened area.  And it might include breaking through some emotionally negative tension in areas of the body that are being manifested physically. 

Regardless, these are all revealed by how you move.  So if there’s a problem, the solution lies in bettering your movement.