Increasing Blood Flow and the Brain

The connection between increased movement and proper blood flow to the brain has to do with oxygen.  Oxygen is vital to brain function and healing, and blood carries oxygen to the brain.  Therefore, a healthy practice of a lifestyle activities that encourage increased blood flow is going to produce a list of positive benefits, one big one in particular being brain function.

The most agreed upon method of increasing blood flow is exercise.  Now, this of course has different meanings for different people.  So let’s just say that it can be any type of movement that causes you to breathe harder and increase your heart rate.  For some that may be an hour-long session in the gym, while for others it may be a walk around the block, and still others achieve it working in the garden.  Regardless of your activity, it is best that you remain cognizant of the fact that movement is good for you, in so many ways, but this one is really important!

Nutshell, the increase in blood flow is very evident in all areas of the body when you are able to have immediate feedback.  You can almost feel an increase in blood flow and its benefits after a good exercise or yoga session.  What is not so evident are the benefits that are taking place in the brain.  It’s a bit more difficult to feel good stuff happening so you’re just gonna have to accept the research, and take my word for it.

So, if possible, maybe you can look at those stairs in a different light next time, knowing now that by taking them you are doing something good for your brain, even though your lungs may be screaming (pssst…they’re getting benefit too).