Those stupid knots in the shoulder!!!

Everybody gets them some time or another, the "knot" in your shoulder that feels like a rock and won't ever seem to go away.  Well, here are a few things you can do to help.

First, let's understand where they come from.  When muscles are under tension for an extended period of time they will tend to go into spasm, or basically stay tight until resting, like as in going to bed (and even then that won't release some of them).  At that particular spot on your shoulder, it is a veritable malfunction junction of several layers of muscles crossing over each other.  Some are responsible for holding your head up, others are postural, and some are used to elevate the arms.  

The primary culprit of these "knots" is working on a computer.  It is during this time that all those activities I just listed are engaged, thus a perfect storm is created.

So what to do about them...?

First thing is to utilize your arm rests by placing your elbows on them while you work.  A desktop will work also, just slide the computer back some.  This will immediately remove the responsibility of your shoulders having to hold your arms up while you type or use the mouse.  

Next, is to look up.  Periodically make a habit of looking up to the ceiling or resting your head on the back of the chair if it is high enough.  The more we are tasking on a computer, the more down and forward our head and neck posture become.  We need to reverse this, if even for just a minute, resetting our posture the best we can.

These fixes are also good for issues with migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia, so spread the word!

There are more things that help, but hopefully these will get you started.  I'd be glad to help anyone specifically, so just reach out to me through the contact link above.