Do You Know Why You Should Get a Massage?

Here’s a few reasons:

Decrease stress

Increase mobility in joints

Increase blood flow throughout the body

Prevent migraine headaches

Treatment of fibromyalgia

Treat postural related issues

Plantar fasciitis

Decrease lower back pain

Massage is becoming more and more recognized for its therapeutic benefits in addition to just pure relaxation.  My recommendation is to find therapist from a referral of a friend, chiropractor, personal trainer, etc. and try a few out.  It is best to get on a consistent schedule with the therapist, maybe once every couple of months, to keep things in order.  And, the more you see a therapist, the more familiar they will be with your body postures, and are more apt to notice changes that can be addressed.  The best way to treat a disorder or injury is to head it off before it even develops.

I'll be glad to assist in any way possible, so reach out to me with your questions.