The truth about Fitness, specializing and REAL LIFE

Remember, fitness is about movement, not about maximum strength or speed.  The aim of a true fitness program should be to improve your daily lifestyle and all that is required of you.  There is certainly a time and place for moving the most weight or being the fastest person, but those usually deal with competitive atmospheres and goals, not fitness.  Above all, your fitness program should enhance the longevity of your life, not hinder it.  Your joints should be strengthened, not taxed.  Your back should become stronger, not weaker and less mobile.  You should be encouraging your body to move, throughout your life, with the least amount of hurdles, especially those that you control.  This is not rocket science, but it is as difficult as putting a man on Mars apparently.  The biggest obstacle that I see is influence and ego.  We allow ourselves to be influenced by things we see around us and amazed at the abilities of athletes we admire.  But we don’t realize that their body, their capacity and their lives in general all aim toward that specialty.  More times than not, that’s not your specialty.  And regarding ego, that’s simple… we want to at least do what he/she can do, if not do it better.  Winning at all cost doesn’t usually work out too good for the one paying.