Fitness and Finances... A Love Story

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That title pretty much grabs the attention in a dog’s head-tilt sort of way, doesn’t it?  Well let me explain, and this won’t take much time at all.

For those in the investment world, you work tirelessly to safeguard and build your clients’ portfolios.  They have made the money and have entrusted you with its protection for them to use upon to retirement, and to pass on to further generations.

Often times, we see retirees cross the threshold from work life to retirement and not be able to enjoy the fortune they have amassed.   They had grandiose plans of travelling with their spouse, or spending their days on the golf course, simply because they earned that right.   However they lack the ability due to failing health, that, if attended to a few years (decades) back, would have given them that very opportunity to live the life they longed for.

My hope, in the fitness world, is that as much consideration is taken in securing the health of an individual, as is the wealth of that individual.  Nothing drastic has to occur, just some simple fitness strategies to implement into their daily regimen.  Regardless of their age, starting a fitness program can yield amazing results.  This will set them up so much better for when they are dealing with the next chapter of their life, and hopefully years of enjoying life to the fullest will follow.