What is Behavioral Coaching?


Well, it begins with what I like to call the “Can Do” principle – meaning all that is necessary to achieve ANYTHING is a willingness to do what is needed to get what you want.  This principle applies to everyone.

Let's say you have the ability to perform a particular task a certain way; you have the tools, you have the physicality, but perhaps you lack the mentality and the focus for what is ultimately required to have success in that area.  That’s where Behavioral Coaching comes in.

Take the following scenario, and for this example, I will use the area of fitness as the example.  However, any behavior can be put in its place and the model can be used exactly the same…

Remedy: I, as a coach, need you HERE, if only for a second.  That simple task is something that gets lost with people and often derails them.  The misinformation that increasing your level of fitness and health requires a huge time component is widespread.  It really doesn’t.  It simply requires ALL your focus for a short amount of time and the results will come, far greater than if you are only partially present in the moment and just going through the motions.  And to add to this point, I can easily state that the level of true fitness achieved through an average of 15 minutes of intense interval training far exceeds that of anyone whose exercise session exceeds 45 minutes.

The next layer of health resides when you actually allow your focus to be all consumed in the action you are instructed to do, as in a fitness regimen.  The mere essence of placing your attention on a task that is removed from the daily, monotonous and regimented “treadmill”, for lack of a better word, is in itself one of the healthiest things you can do.  Diverting your attention, a state break if you will, for even that short amount of time, can have a profound effect on your psychological health and allow a true perspective on things going on in your life to come in to view.  From there, decisions are made clearer, and that which was once stress-saturated, now has a glimmer of hope to it.  And all this is due to the fact that you took a well deserved, very structured time out of your daily grind.

Enjoy your new found successes using this template, and if you'd like further information, or if I can help in any other way, please click here.