Mental Reset Button (part 1)


Far away from here in Shaolin Prayer Halls of China, a teacher would stand at the door of the hall and as the students entered he would assign them their daily focus point.  These vary day to day, and they ultimately had major purpose, usually medicinal, but were simplistic in nature.  Some examples would be a tiger’s paw, a sitting monkey, or the petal of a beautiful flower.  Their assignment would be to sit or stand and focus on that “object” for as long as they were there, even hours sometimes.  This was meditation at its finest.

Our lives are filled with that which defines the word “hectic”.  Our response, although ultimately achieving what is necessary, is not always healthy.  In fact, it usually is very un-healthy. 

What if I could assign you your focus point, had you lay down and attend only to that for, let’s say, 20 minutes?  Sounds fairly impossible given all that you’ve got going on right now, doesn’t it?  And that’s exactly why you MUST DO IT!!!

Tune in next time to see why this simple exercise is necessary.  For those that want to jump to the last chapter, or want me to read the proverbial book to you, please click here for more information on getting started in my program that I can guarantee is tailored for your lifestyle.