Mental Reset Button (part 2)


Welcome back!  So you’ve had your interest piqued and now you want to know more about this ancient Chinese secret.  I told you I would explain why the simple task of guided focus is so important in your life, so here it is.

As stated before, our lives are ridiculously hectic and full of stress-stimulating moments and responsibilities that take such a profoundly negative toll on our bodies.  And for what?  I mean are we really able to place such important value on everything that we do which could possibly justify the taxation on ourselves in the way it does?  If we really understood the damage we are doing to ourselves, it would be a no brainer.  There’s a reason the “outsider’s perspective” is so powerful and prevalent in society, but I’ll touch more on that topic at another time.

Our need to stop and smell the roses has never been more necessary, and the fact that stress is becoming more and more evident in this culture as the root of all dis-ease in the body supports the need for the rose detour. 

Some behaviorists call it a “state break” and a particular favorite social media guru of mine, Amy Jo Martin, calls it her “Ready, Set, Pause”.  I call it a “Mental Reset Button” because just like my MacBook when it freezes up a bit, I just turn it off and back on, and it is reset like new. 

You must find your outlet.  And I couldn’t be any more specific with the word “YOUR” because this happens only in your mind.  This isn’t a physical outlet like exercise or yoga, this happens between the ears.  The new catch phrase used quite often is “mindfulness”.  This seems to be a more universally accepted alternative for the words prayer, meditation, self-hypnosis, etc.  Whatever you choose to call it, the action is what is key. 

The purpose of this type of task is to gain control of your thoughts, if only for a few minutes, thus planting a seed or preparing your FOUNDATION, to build the healthy life that you deserve.  Once you begin to train this muscle it will become stronger.  And you will become stronger.  Not allowing your life to be dictated but to dictate your life the way you want.

Join me and let’s build that Reset Button that will allow you such an abundant life.

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