Opening Your Hips to Help Your Lower Back

Tower of Pisa.jpg

I recently wrote about shifting your weight onto your heels throughout the day during different daily activities.  Well now I’d like to address the concept of opening your hip and the benefits that doing this also simple technique will benefit you in your day-to-day lives.

Most everything we do is in front of us and below our eye line. Because of this, we find ourselves ever so slightly and unconsciously leaning forward at the waist most of the time.  Let me explain…

You’re at the sink doing washing dishes, and of course you are standing up.  However, you are looking down the entire time and reaching forward.  Your hips are up against the counter and from your hips up you are at a slight angle.  The longer you are at the sink, the more your back will start to tighten up and hurt.  The physical action taking place echoes that of a wire tied to a newly planted tree so that it won’t tip over.  All the weight of the tree is sent to that stake in the ground.  Your lower back is that stake, and it’s getting tired.  Another analogy I use a lot is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.  That base of the tower is screaming if you’d just stand up straight for five minutes I wouldn’t have to work so hard.  Your lower back is the base of the tower, and it’s screaming!

Well, you have to wash the dishes, or you have to cook dinner, or you have to sit at your desk and work on a computer.  Or mow the lawn.  Or assemble those parts at the factory you work at.  Or whatever it is that you do, more times than not, you are in a posture that is going to strain your back. 

Add to all this “normal” stuff we do, we then go to a gym only to pick up weights and build muscles of the back that are already taxed, so we become even more tight.

Never fear, there’s hope for us yet!

All you have to do is stand up and send your hips forward.  If you are familiar with the term “pinch a penny”, do it.  If you’re not, to really be certain that you are getting the most of this mobility technique, squeeze your butt muscles as you move your hips forward.  This will help the front hip muscles relax even further.

Now it may be uncomfortable to you, but trust me, it is helping, and that’s certainly an area where I can help further.

But do this move anytime you are fixed in one position for an extended period of time, and you will feel great relief.

Let me know by clicking here if you’d like more info on this technique or how it can specifically help you.